One of the most common question asked is, ‘What is it you actually do? What is a Virtual Assistant?’

It’s simple, a Virtual Assistant, can do anything and everything that you would expect of a Personal Assistant, or an Administrator, except we can’t bring you a cup of tea, or hand you the day’s newspaper. Sorry.

Services that you can expect a virtual assistant can range from answering the phone, compiling documents, organising business trips, to managing social media platforms. All Virtual Assistants have a different set of skills, compared to one another.

Some of the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant include;

  • Paying for the time actually spent on your project, no more lazy Friday afternoons at your expense
  • No office space required, your Virtual Assistant works from their own home office
  • Allowing you time to focus on your business, leaving the boring paperwork to someone else
  • No HR headaches, no TAX, no National Insurance or having to organise yet another workplace pension

If you are still unsure whether or not a Virtual Assistant is the right step for you, please do not hesitate to contact me, and we can discuss your needs.

For a list of services that Sharp Assistance specialises in, please see our Services page.