What do you actually do-


What is a VA – Virtual Assistant?

A question that as a Virtual Assistant (VA), we often come across. So here I am, telling you what a VA is, what to expect from your VA and what a VA can do for you and your business.

Firstly, a VA is a digital personal assistant who can do just about anything you would expect a Personal Assistant or an Office Manager to do, except bring you your coffee in the morning. I know that side can probably suck a little bit but there is a load of benefits to having a VA at your fingertips.

The Benefits!

If you are thinking of taking on a VA and wonder how this will benefit you, well let me enlighten you!

One benefit is there is no need to find space to set us up at a desk or in an office, we have our own space in our own home. There are no added extras of supplying office equipment, a computer, the endless task of ensuring that the work you have given them to do is being completed in time as they can work any hours (we can be quite flexible). Although we may not be physically there we are someone you can call upon when you need us most or have us as part of your team.

There are no added cost extras of ensuring their tax, pensions or national insurance contributions are paid. A VA can sort this out themselves, all you need to do is set the tasks you need completing, set the deadline and allow us to have access to any of your online content, if needed.

Another benefit would be not having the dreading phone call on a Friday morning wondering who is going to skive today. Remember if we don’t work the hours you need, we don’t get paid, no set salary or sickness pay.

What a VA can do?

Many VAs come with many different aspects of skills. Some of these skills can include accounting, administration, event coordination, social media management, data entry, managing your email, telephone communications, HR services / support, compiling documentation – even legal documents, online research, collating information and many more. If you are thinking of taking on a VA it would be beneficial to check what services, they do provide first and how this would benefit your business.

How do I get myself a VA?

That’s simple! All you need to do is contact us today! Email us at info@sharpassistance.co.uk where we will put you in touch with one of our fabulous VAs! It honestly couldn’t be easier, so what are you waiting for?